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Dark Matter halos hosting quasars

Renyue Cen and I introduced a new theory on dark matter halos hosting quasars. In our model, quasars DM halo are about an order of magnitude less massive than previously suggested and quasars live in congested environments. Our model can explain the observed 2PCF between qusars and galaxies up to z=3 (where we have data to constrain the models).

This Figures shows the 2PCF at z=3 for different scenarios of our model compared with the observed quasars auto-correlation function at z=3 from Shen et al 2007. 

Improved observations at scales smaller than 1 Mpc/h can help

constrain the models further.


Thermal SZ effect and quasars DM halo models

Statistical analysis of the stacked Compton-y maps

of quasars based on both HOD and CS models for the host dark matter halos, strongly constrains the 

feedback energy in quasars. We show the data can be explained without invoking feed-back energy in quasars. We show sub-arc min beam surveys can

distinguish between CS and HOD models.

This figure shows the average Compton-y map of 10,000 individual maps centered on the quasar hosts sampled from CS model at z = 1.4. 

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